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1. Individual psychotherapy sessions: This is a more traditional type of psychotherapy session for people struggling with many issues. Dr. Boynton will evaluate  your situation and provide an assessment of your current issues.Then he will design an individual treatment plan for you and work with you to meet your goals for this plan. Dr Boynton specializes in working with people with long term physical illness, his personal experience with having a chronic illness gives him insights to this unique position in life.

2.Group sessions:Groups can be used for a variety of services such as: mentoring, addiction recovery, grief/loss and life coaching.Dr. Boynton also uses the groups strenghts and capacities to design each groups rules and treatment goals. He actually uses feedback from the group, to make the group better, and help the group to function towards building the health of each member. This is done using various mindfulness techniques and psychological strength building exercises.

3.Life/ Health coaching: This is a service that combines the best techinques of health psychology and psychotherapy to form indivdual or group goals to help people learn how to increase thier psychological health. This type of service utalizes personal strength and wisdom to build resilience and psychological strengths. The goal is to create a healthy lifestyle and promote wellnes

4. Couples/Relationship counseling: Dr. Boynton works with the belief that all relationships have both strengths and weaknesses. From this starting point he works with couples input he assess the situation and offers goals tomake the relationship better/healthier and exercises to reach those goals. This begins with a meeting and a conversation on how to get to the relationship that the customer desires and if that is possible.

5.Health Consultation:This service is unique and is designed based on the individuals needs. The goal of the health consultation is to determine what type of service is best for the customer. It involves several steps that are different for each customer. Each person then makes a decision on what to do next work by themselves, work with a life coach, or psychotherapist.

6. Conflict resolution services: This service uses a technique called Restoritive Circles: this technique was designed in the poor neighborhoods in Brazil to use principals of restoration to solve conflicts between individuals, groups and communities. The process is very effective to help families solve intense conflicts without violent endings. Dr. Boynton has done research on this subject and has presented papers nationally and internationally on the subject.


  This type service is unique to this area and offers benefits for many people. Dr. Boynton has spent the last ten years gaining the experience needed to provide the type of psychological and health services offered at this location. This practice focuses on health and human growth for all types of individuals, groups, and communities.

  Dr. Boynton has worked as a clinical practitioner for 7 years with all types of people. His main focus has always been on helping people to make their lives better by focusing on the overall health of an individual or community. 

  While working as a mentor, as a life coach, college advisor, college professor Dr. Boynton discovered psychological methods that help anyone who is in need. In the clinical mental health field  he spent years working as a relationship counselor, individual counselor and group counselor.

His work as a research has been presented nationally and internationally on: psychotherapy, disaster mental health, and conflict resolution. He is trained in non-violent conflict resolution, mindfulness techniques, meditation and stress reduction techniques, crisis management, counseling psychology, health psychology, positive psychology and pain management.

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