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Continuing Education

We are working to complete at this time this is under construction

This course will be focuse on understanding the recent changes that have occured in diagnosis. The progam will cover a variety of diagnositic criteria and the DSM 5 diagnostic interview. 

Supervision and Ethics

 This course offers a forum to explore issues facing current supervision methods? Included in this session is  experiential exercises to use during supervision sessions. The work focuses on helping supervisee's to flourish during supervision.

Health, ethics, and psychotherapy.

How do we navigate the current climate of our profession? Do you understand the current ethical issues and changing landscape of our profession? This course is a experiental collaborative forum to express and discover the answer to these two questions.

Humanistic Positive Psychotherapy

This course offers aan alternative viewpoint to current diagnostic practices. this session focuses on using the principles of psychopolitical validity to liberate client currently opressed by structures in thier life. The focus in on psychological health for your clients.

Information about the 1013

What do i do with patient who is presenting with suicidal or homicidal ideation? How do I know when to issue a 1013? This course works to answer these questions

Restorative circles
Non-violent conflict resolution

This method was developed to solve conflicts in a non-violent process. this work will include instruction on the technique. Then the exercise demonstrates how to use active listening and discourse interpretation to help clients solve the conflicts in thier lives.

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